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Karen Kelly

Convincing the Brain of what the Body wants.

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The Body Needs – It’s time to get the Brain onboard



I’ve been there.  We’ve ALL been there. You want to eat that sugary / fried / crappy food but you also want to stick to your healthy eating plan. Most of the time I bet your mind wins.


So why does it? Why can’t you simply say no? You KNOW it’s wreaking havoc in your body but you still eat it. WHY?? Why do we give in and what can you DO about changing that behaviour?


Here’s 5 actions to try…



1)  Change the wording of your thoughts.

 “I ‘shouldn’t’ eat that” – ‘shouldn’t’ is prohibitive.  It’s an external body saying NO, telling you what you can and can’t do. If you change your thoughts to “I could eat that” if gives you back control. “I could eat that if I want to but I’m not going to”. The power and the decision is yours so you are less likely to rally against the advice. You’ve owned the decision so you’re more likely to follow it through. 


2)  Photographic Evidence

 Take a photograph of everything you eat and drink in a day. (but they don’t have to go on Insta!!) Every cup of coffee, every morsel that goes into your mouth. This gives you an EXACT picture of what you’ve consumed. Our minds can overlook minor indiscretions but these can fair add to your carbs and sugar daily g.  You’re also less likely to eat rubbish foods if you’ve got photographic evidence of it!



 Famous words from Ru Paul’s latest Drag Queen Winner but oh how it works! Distract yourself.  Take a big glass of water, with ice, a slice of lemon and lime or crush blueberries and raspberries into an iced smoothie, go for a walk, paint your nails, dance in the kitchen… do something, ANYTHING to get you over that ‘want’. (Or write a blog post as I’m doing!) 


4)   Banish the Feckers!!

No not the kids! The ‘derailing’ foods.  Get that crappy, processed, sugar laden, toxic oil fried poor excuse for food stuffs OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! Avoid ‘those’ isles at the supermarket so you won’t be tempted and shop when you’re fed and feeling good. 


5)  Dib Dib Dib – Channel your inner Scout / Guide

 … and be prepared!  Being prepared is key.  It takes a good bit of persistent effort at the start but it is the key to success. Plan your meals.  Have healthy, tasty snacks ready. Plan your downtime to relax and spoil yourself ( your favourite TV programme, a small glass of red wine and two squares of 90% dark chocolate every Thursday night – gets you to the weekend!) Plan and Prepare. 



Try one, try all 5! Let me know how you get on or what works for you. Have a great day Divas.




Live as a Primal Diva – it’s a no-grainer! 💋

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