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Found 4 results

  1. So yesterday was definitely not Good but oh boy, was it Bad and Ugly. It was another CBA morning after another night of hardly sleeping. OH was up, working and entertaining the Troops so I was given a long lie. Huzzah!! But my long lie very, VERY quickly became a CBA (Can't Be Arsed!) Day. Another wee snooze, I rose from the dead only to go foraging for more coffee. PRINGLES! A joyous surprise to find they hadn't been found by the Troops! Pringles for breakfast it was (2pm is still roughly breakfast time. Yes??) Bad to bed. Laptop under one arm, Pringles under the other carrying a cup of Joe (multi-tasking!) and I made it back to bed without spilling a drop (can I check that off as I 'achieved' today???) I decided now was a good time to watch the last episode of Life on Mars (yes, I'm THAT current!) It was SUPERB! Happiness levels rose, I smiled (another achievement?) and spurred on showered AND styled my hair (Man!! There's no stopping me now!!!!) Striding triumphantly into the kitchen I flicked my shiny, straightened, "just stepped out of the salon' hair at the working OH..... nothing. "I'm Clean!!" I announce as I've just conquered Everest on a cold day!! He smiled and asked what to do about dinner as the meat hadn't defrosted. (Uh oh, mood-ometer just dropped a few points. I need to leave this area!) I meandered from the Study, to dining room, to kitchen, back to sewing on the dining room, then back to the kitchen (ain't no Life Goals to be found!!! Maybe they're in the fridge!?) TIRAMISU!! Result! I'd opened it yesterday and it was still there! (OH kicking sugar and carbs into touch - too much alkickhol for the kids - even more reason to love it!! It's UNTOUCHABLE and doesn't have to hide in my bedroom!!) OH in Study, kids in Living room, Dining room it is! Black Books and Tiramisu. Excellent. I read somewhere that we'll all come out of this lockdown a Hunk, a Chunk or a Drunk - I'm ahead of the Game - I've got the last two in the bag!! And I'd call that an Achievement! ✔️ K x
  2. Looking after your mental health during this time is paramount. It can be tough though. Personally I'm struggling with it today and I suspect most people are the same - good, positive, motivated days and negative, down, CBA (Can't Be Arsed) days. I'm having the second one today. 😪 HOWEVER... That's ok. We could try allowing ourselves to have down days and give into it. Sometimes it's the fight that's the hardest part and really tires us. The 'keep going' seems like too much hard work. It's ok, no it's GOOD, to give yourself the day off and start again tomorrow. That's what I'm doing today. The bed isn't made, I'm still in my dressing gown (it's 1pm), I've had two coffees and no food and my house looks like a bomb site. BUT THAT'S OK! That's what today is going to be. Tomorrow will have it's own agenda. Today is a down day and I'm allowed to do that. That alone is making me feel a bit better. The other thing is get off social media for a bit. (Yes I see the irony of that!) If it's not sad, hopeless, depressing virus related news, it's homeschooling Super parents, (do they wear their designer, eco friendly pants outside their perfectly ironed trousers??) , philosophy majors (who are really not!) speculating about the future in our homeschooled kids hands, to the fitness fanatics jumping about the living room together in laughing bliss, teaching their kids the downward frog in labour pose, or the Mary Berry's baking themselves into a carb coma.... (yes you can see where my head is.) So, yeah, it's YOUR day, YOUR emotions and they are what YOU want them to be. Enjoy your day - whatever you are / are not doing. I'm off for some chocolate Easter egg leftovers and read the Happy News section. K x
  3. So the general advice is "cough and you're off". While 7 days off may seem like bliss, you can get a bit stir crazy! So to hell with this damn doom and gloom virus! Let's find the silver lining. Ready!?? 49 Ways to Keep Self-Isolated SANE!! 1. Take a nap - a wee snoooooooze is good to recharge the batteries and let your body fight off any infections. 2. Read - you know that book you got for Christmas that's been gathering dust? Well, now you have time to read it. Why not join zero49 Book Club and you'll have people to talk to about it - at a distance! 3. Rediscover what makes you smile - take some time to remember the things you used to do before 'adulting' that used to make you happy. Laying on the floor colouring in? Knitting? Doodling? Jumping in puddles? Whatever it is make a list of them. Maybe decorate it and out it in a prominent place or in a lovely notebook. (Or tell us! [email protected]) If it makes you happy, it's important. 4. Tidy that Cupboard! - Yes we've all got one (well maybe not Debs! 😉 ) Have a look at Marie Kondo ideas or The Closet Cleaners (coming soon to give us a talk when we can all meet again!) Sorting out the junk can give you a real sense of achievement and peace and the Kondo method of Thanking items before moving them on helps releases any emotional attachment. All good. 5. Go for a walk - a walk on windy day to blow away the cobwebs, filling your lungs with fresh, crisp air, get your blood pumping round your body... It's good for the soul. Good for your mental, spiritual and physical health.Feeling a bit more energetic? RUN! Just a little sprint. Run like you're being chased!! ARGHHHH!!! An hours walk with a little sprint or two thrown in will have you burning up fat reserves in NO time! HURRAH!! 6. DANCE! - turn UP your favourite tunes and DANCE! Shake that boooooooty! Whooo. Follow THIS guys lead! 7. Write a letter - or 5! Texts and emails are great but no where near as uplifting as receiving a handwritten letter. It shows that you've taken time and thought of that person whilst writing to them. 8. Play a Board Game - when was the last time you sat down all together and played a board game? It's fun, you connect with your family, you chat - try it an d see what happens. (Then let us know!) 9. Cook - how about going through the recipe books and finding a new dish to make? Rediscover the joy of cooking. You might need to do an online shop to get the ingredients though. 10. 5 new Outfits - Have a browsing session and find 5 new outfits that you'd just LOVE to wear. Print them / save them and put them where you'll see them for inspiration. 11. 2020 Bucket List - get a coffee, sit quietly and think of what you'd like to realistically achieve in 2020. Set dates for achieving them, who it involves, set up a little savings account and really DO them this year. 12. Finances - Oh what a fun thing to do! 🙃 A great little tip is set up a separate savings account online - every time yoiu check your balance you MUST round down to the nearest £10 (or £50 if you're flush!) and put the "rounding off" part into your savings account. (Balance is £785.45. £5.45 goes into savings or £35.45 if you want) It's AMAZING how quickly it build up if your stick to it. 13. Build Lego - Have some Lego delivered and give the brain, hand / eye co-ordination a boost! Great Lego range here! 14. Build a Fort - get out the blankets, build a fort between chairs / tables and fill it with fairy lights and cushions. Then grab a tipple of choice, a good book and get cosy (oooo might invite someone special into my fort! 💋) 15. Cross Stitch - some find it relaxing, creating something lovely - I see it as proof I have the ability to stab something thousands of times!!! 😈 16. Write a Short Story - tap into that inner author and type out a few lines... Are you the next J K Rowling?? 17. Bake Fairy Cakes - how colourful and colossal can your cupcakes be?? 18. Test your Smoke Alarm - ALWAYS better to be safe but one of those things that we forget to do. 19. Face Yoga. - spend 10 minutes every morning or evening and really see the difference! (We'll have Face Yoga at one of our Knot Meetings when they start back) 20. Make up Clear out - clear out all that old, unused make up. You could sell the better items online or better still donate them to women's Aid charities. Sometimes victims of domestic abuse have the leave quickly and everything gets left behind. Just remember items should be in good shape. 21. Bra clear out - over-boob spillage? Digging into your back? Or so much cup space you could hold a Tea Party in them?? Donate any good quality bras to help small businesses in Africa! 22. Have a no Make-up day - or even better, days! If you're confined to the house its an ideal time to go au natural and let your skin breath. 23. Go Primal! - I'm constantly banging on about Primal Living (it just makes you feel and look SO good!!!) Whilst your body adapts, self isolation is an ideal 'down time' to ket your body detox and adjust. (some bodies will scream WHAT THE HELL!?!? depending on your sugar / glucose dependency) 24. Chrysalis Time - use this self-isolation time to re-invent yourself. Your look, energy levels, who you really are. Try different combinations of clothes, a different make up look, a 40's red lip or a retro eye liner...emerge as your most FABULOUS self! 25. Mini Valet - time to get that car washed and hoovered! Get stuck in. Heart rate elevated means a bit of exercise and you'll have saved yourself the Valeting fees. Win / Win (Thanks to Debs for this one!) 🚗🚗🚗 26. Push Up Challenge - 21 Days of 21 Push ups. Yes you read that correctly. Through the course of the day do 21 push ups, even if its only one every half hour! Try standing away from a wall and doing it (easier). Stick with it!!!! By the end of 21 days you'll be able to do them no problem at all AND your arms and shoulders will look FABULOUS in time for Summer sleeveless tops! Result! 27. Pray / Meditate - we could all do with some calming time at the moment. Take a few minutes each day to sit quietly and pray or meditate or whatever gives you peace. 28. Manicure - give yourself and anyone in the house a manicure. Really go to town on the design. Giving manicures to children is wonderful. It teaches safe touch and self care - everyone needs to know that they are worth your time. 29. Pedicure - pretty much the same as above - but if anyone came near my tootsies I'd drop kick them into touch faster than Greg Laidlaw!! (Look him up) 30. Clean up Bags & Shoes - well when do you ever have time? Now you do! Leather and suede come up a treat with a good clean. Funny story - a FABULOUS lady was shopping on holiday in Italy. She'd been gone a long. time and when she eventually got back her husband asked her where she had been. "Getting shags and booze" was her reply. "WHAT?!??!" screamed the husband!! She replied "Oh Oh I meant getting bags and shoes!!!" Luckily they are still together! 🤣 31. Binge watch your Favourite Comedian - because laughter is. the BEST medicine. Bill Bailey and Jimoen here I come! 32. Skip - grab skipping ropes (or the washing line) and SKIP! It gets the heart pumping and you find out which bits wobble! 33. Send flowers - to a family member or a random person. Remember that lovely feeling when you open the door to see the florist standing there? (Yeah, it usually ends up for the neighbour who's not in!) Send that feeling today... and help support your local florist in. challenging times. 34. Learn a Language - chose a country you'll travel to when travel bans. are lifted and learn 10 key phrases in that language. It's a great use of your time and it's looking forward to the future. 35. Calf Raises - every time you brush your teeth, raise up to the balls of your feet and down again. Go for the burn! And think of how shapely your pins will look in Daisy Duke shorts come Summer. 36. Learn to Knit - I'm still working on a Red Arran Cable jumper that I started THREE YEARS ago! But hey, it gives me something to do with my hands and keeps them out of the chocolate biscuit jar! You can download LOADS of free patterns online. I just hope you don't take as long as me! 37. Go for a Drive - get in the car, put the windows down for some fresh air and DRIVE! No need to 'go' anywhere just the fact that you've left the house will reset you in no time. 38. MOVE - no not house, just move! Stretch, turn, use your body! If you have a treadmill or kettlebells in the house then use them during house arrest. As we all know, exercise releases feel good hormones to help keep us sane! 39. Retail Therapy - a bit of retail therapy always feels good but you've got he added bonus of helloing keep businesses cash flow going. Obviously, this will be online shopping. How about treating the kids to a little toy if they've been helping around the house / doing school work? still working on getting to. 49. Any suggestions put them below! Kx
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