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    Take a note today on what oils you use. Some oils are unsupportive for Health (industrial oils, margarine, vegetable oils, seed oils etc) and others are support, great health (butter, ghee, olive oil, coconut oils.)
  2. I found these tabs a bit weird to use at first. You have to kind of 'gather' your saliva and chew them to make a paste however, they give a great clean! You know that really smooth feeling you get after the dentist cleans your teeth, well my teeth were that smooth afterwards. 👍 The gave a mild minty taste that was 'authentic' (not that 'plastic' overwhelmingly minty taste that you can sometimes get.) I REALLY like that there's a measured amount so no more having the kids squeeze half a tube onto their brush only to drop it around the sink!! Summary Good taste, great clean, measured amount, require a bit of a change in mindset but I'm going to keep using!
  3. Does anyone else think they're just getting a handle on lockdown living, schooling etc just as it's starting to lift? I feel as though I'm late to the party!! 🤣
  4. The Body Needs – It’s time to get the Brain onboard I’ve been there. We’ve ALL been there. You want to eat that sugary / fried / crappy food but you also want to stick to your healthy eating plan. Most of the time I bet your mind wins. So why does it? Why can’t you simply say no? You KNOW it’s wreaking havoc in your body but you still eat it. WHY?? Why do we give in and what can you DO about changing that behaviour? Here’s 5 actions to try… 1) Change the wording of your thoughts. “I ‘shouldn’t’ eat that” – ‘shouldn’t’ is prohibitive. It’s an external body saying NO, telling you what you can and can’t do. If you change your thoughts to “I could eat that” if gives you back control. “I could eat that if I want to but I’m not going to”. The power and the decision is yours so you are less likely to rally against the advice. You’ve owned the decision so you’re more likely to follow it through. 2) Photographic Evidence Take a photograph of everything you eat and drink in a day. (but they don’t have to go on Insta!!) Every cup of coffee, every morsel that goes into your mouth. This gives you an EXACT picture of what you’ve consumed. Our minds can overlook minor indiscretions but these can fair add to your carbs and sugar daily g. You’re also less likely to eat rubbish foods if you’ve got photographic evidence of it! 3) LOOK OVER THERE!! Famous words from Ru Paul’s latest Drag Queen Winner but oh how it works! Distract yourself. Take a big glass of water, with ice, a slice of lemon and lime or crush blueberries and raspberries into an iced smoothie, go for a walk, paint your nails, dance in the kitchen… do something, ANYTHING to get you over that ‘want’. (Or write a blog post as I’m doing!) 4) Banish the Feckers!! No not the kids! The ‘derailing’ foods. Get that crappy, processed, sugar laden, toxic oil fried poor excuse for food stuffs OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! Avoid ‘those’ isles at the supermarket so you won’t be tempted and shop when you’re fed and feeling good. 5) Dib Dib Dib – Channel your inner Scout / Guide … and be prepared! Being prepared is key. It takes a good bit of persistent effort at the start but it is the key to success. Plan your meals. Have healthy, tasty snacks ready. Plan your downtime to relax and spoil yourself ( your favourite TV programme, a small glass of red wine and two squares of 90% dark chocolate every Thursday night – gets you to the weekend!) Plan and Prepare. Try one, try all 5! Let me know how you get on or what works for you. Have a great day Divas. Live as a Primal Diva – it’s a no-grainer! 💋
  5. If you’re looking for a mini craft project or something to do for an hour or two, Friends That Rhyme brand have uploaded a tutorial on how to make a funky fabric necklace. Post a pic of how yours turned out. https://www.wolfandbadger.com/uk/blog/inspiration/inspiration/upcycled-fabric-necklace-tutorial-with-friends-that-rhyme/
  6. Day 4 & 5 - Progress! Weight 168.6 to 166.8 (down 1.8lbs! 🥳 DOWN 3.1lbs in 5 Days) Body Fat 29.5 to 29.1% (dropped 0.4% Body Fat) Progress! I like it! Overall the eating has been much better especially during the day. In the evening I'm indulging in a few handfuls of crisps and a glass of wine (Hell I need something to contend with lockdown!) but I've been staying off the sugary crap really well. Sugar is showing up as the No.1 way to add weight with excessive carbs a very close second! I still have PLENTY stored fuel in my muscles and liver so I need to burn them up through exercise. Not the high cardio stuff though - a lower Heart Rate for longer exercise - walking or static cycling to tap into all that lovely fuel already stored in my body!! Morning - black coffee / mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, garlic olives and cold meat (I was hungry this morning so ate) Lunch - wasn't hungry so didn't eat Dinner - Hotchpotch of left over Bolognese friend up with onions, peppers, ginger and a huge salad. / Chicken with broccoli, carrots, onions and black bean sauce Glass of Red Wine x2 Evening - three of us shared crisps . So I never blogged yesterday as I was really flat and down about the whole lockdown thing. That's fine - good days and bad days are normal - go with the flow! I had missed taking my Vitamins. B 12 and other B Vits play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect low mood and I felt that yesterday. Whilst I'm asking my body to make a positive change over how it uses fuel / repairs itself, I want to make sure it's got everything it needs for a smooth transition. It's going to love me for it. It's going to work as nature intended instead of using coping mechanisms (inflammation, fat gain, tiredness, etc) to deal with the substandard crappy foods I've been asking it to function on. Talking of inflammation, I've noticed that I've had NO bleeding from my gums when I brush my teeth since I've started eating more Primally. Co-incidence?? Me thinks not! 😁
  7. Day 3 - That was better! Weight 170.1 to 168.6 (down 1.5lbs! 🥳) Body Fat 29.5 to 29.5% (level) So my weight went down a bit (YAY!) but the Body Fat % stayed the same (BOO!) That must have been water weight. Glucose is stored with water in the muscles - use up some of the glucose and the water goes too. What I really want is my body to use the fat as fuel. It'll get there soon. Morning - black coffee Lunch - mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and beetroot (using up what was there before a big food shop) Dinner - Homemade Bolognese (SO yum!!) with courgette 'spaghetti' Glass of Red Wine x2 Evening - three of us shared crisps and a bar of chocolate so I had some but not a lot. 👍 One of the Primal Principles is eat when you're hungry - not to a set time / amount. Listen to what your body wants. I did that today. I did notice that I was hungry around 1pm so I had some lunch. If I have carbs in the evening I notice that I am hungry on waking - the body burns through carbs MUCH quicker (and dirtier) and screams to be topped up asap. It gets a bit panicky if it doesn't get carbs often. A Primal-aligned body will quite happily wait wait until it's fed as it can use stored glycogen, then burn fat, then use the ketones that come off fat burning - it has plenty stored fuel and doesn't panic. Clever body! Tomorrow is going to be a good day too......
  8. Day 2 - Mmmmmm interesting! Weight 170.1 to 170.1 (level) Body Fat 29.5 to 29.5% (level) So that was interesting - I had very minimal carbs all day but lost it in the evening and ate a party size bag of crisps BUT my weight stayed the same! Is this because my carb intake over the day was still below 100g and my sugar intake was virtually nil????? I had expected my weight to go up again. Food Black coffee in the morning Primal Fuel Milkshake for lunch Fish and HUGE salad for dinner Glass of water Bag of crisps and glass of red wine (large) in the evening. I could be wrong here but sugar seems to have had a much bigger effect on weight /fat. This is interesting because I LURRRRRVVVV crisps. I could live with no sweets / chocolate but I love a bit of a crunch and salty crisps. This has had a greatly positive effect on my head. I know a wee bag of crisps every know and again is ok (yes I know the hydrogenated crappy oils they are made in are utterly toxic - but one step at a time). The mere knowledge that I CAN have them has made me not want them (yeah, I've always been a twisted witch like that!) I did do a huge amount of cleaning, tidying, moving furniture etc, so that constant moving and pulling heavy weights has probably made a difference (move often is a Primal Law). I'm starting to think this might work......
  9. Day 1 - disaster!!! Weight 169.9 to 170.1 (UP 0.2lb) Body Fat 29.1 to 29.5% (UP 0.4%) Ok so I'm not quite sure I can count that as Day 1 of Primal - it was a disaster!! Food Black coffee in the morning 2 instant coffees with full fat milk Got hungry (and hangry!) and wasn't prepared so ended up eating 8. Cream crackers and cream cheese as I couldn't be bothered making anything but wanted to eat. Apathy was ruling in the kitchen and I didn't care! 😉 OH cooked dinner using up leftovers / due to go out of date food (he HATES waste!) as I was determined to finish two chapters of Studying so I ended up eating a lot! 2 black pudding Beetroot Carrots Peppers & Onions (not too bad so far!) Coleslaw. (mmmm not so good...) 6 small squares of pizza. (uh oh!! Slippery slope...) 2 ramekins of homemade creme brûlée (WHEEEEEEEEEEE....) some homemade meringue. (THUD!)
  10. So I've had enough!! Enough of feeling a bit podgy and overweight, of being tired and can't be bothered, of feeling older... I'm tired of buying new clothes to suit a new me only to have them look frumpy or "mutton dressed as lamb" on a saggy body. I want to have energy!! To feel energised!! I want to look in the mirror and smile. I want to be back to my bouncy, dynamic self of my younger days (I'm only 48 by the way! I sound like I'm a dinosaur!) I'm tired of life just crawling by so... I've had enough!!!! Today is the day!!! I'm doing the 21 Day Reset - full title, (trumpet fanfare please..............) The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation! Hell it sounds good!! "Total Body Transformation!!" TOTAL! This is the puppy I need!! I've taken my weight this morning. You want to know? Nosy!! Yeah I would too if I were you. 169.9lbs and 29.1% of that is Body Fat. FAT! Over 49lbs (22kgs+) of that bleughy pasty, grey-white-yellow vile stuff just sitting under my skin. 49lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED Matey! I'm aiming ideally for around 140lbs and about 15% body fat (well we do need some of that stuff to function properly.) I'm not quite sure if that's doable. Will my lean weight go up if I'm doing strength training?? I'm more interested in my body composition and looks rather than arbitrary numbers on a scale, if `I'm honest. I've taken front and side photographs whilst in my undies (You are NOT seeing them!! 🤢. Well maybe for enough money! OOO er Mrs!) I put a red dotted line over them of where I'd like my stomach, hips, arms and butt to finish. That was very insightful. It made me notice that there are bits that I like! Hey fancy that!! 🙂 Why Primal? Because I worry about the inside as well as the outside. I know high insulin producing diets have an inflammatory effect in the inside and it can lead to all manner of health problems. This WHOLE process is about me losing body fat, looking leaner and having more toned muscles on the outside, having a cleaner burning, healthier engine on the inside so that my innards are happy and working to their optimum, slowing down the metabolism and ageing process and having more energy to do things; really live life. I don't want much do I???? 😂 How Does is this going to Work? I'm going to follow the 10 Primal Laws. This includes - Cleaner eating - no processed food - making nutritious dinners from scratch This shouldn't be too hard as I usually cook quite good meals. Keeping Carbs at bay - less that 50g and I should burn fat off quickly but definitely no more than 100g of naturally occurring carbs every day so bye bye crisps, bread, pasta... I'm not looking forward to this bit Move! - moving more at a lower Heart Rate, Once a week sprint, and the 4 Primal Essential Movements (PEM) daily This should be ok. I just need to walk more rather than run (excessive cardio is a no go for just now) If you are at all interested in the ramblings of a 48 year old trying to be healthier, slimmer and happier, then please follow me. Or better still join in. Ok....this is it... Off I go!!!! K x
  11. Great bargains at Reiss on GORGEOUS Colbalt Blue Top Total winner for a Winter Colouring (and perhaps a Summer??)
  12. My Story (written in January 2019) I'm a do-er. Always on the go and so busy that I don't think. I'm either 100% on or STOP. I'm either physically exhausted and my mind is occupied so doesn't overthink or I'm a lazy sloth and my mind goes like an express train and I can't sleep. I've steadily gained weight over a few years (mainly thanks to party sized bags of crisps!) I run marathons or I take the kids 1km to school in the car. I'm not taking care of my body and it's starting to show. Thicker waist, big tummy, muffin top, dull, saggy skin, more wrinkles, rough cellulite on my hips, bingo wings, constantly tired, brain fog, so can't be bothered attitude, irregular toilet visits, can't sleep but exhausted, snap at the kids, indecisive, the list goes on and on. I don't take care of my appearance, I don't laugh as much, I'm not as active, I'm not as much fun or as good an example as I can be to the three foster kids I look after. I'm not being the authentic me and I have no motivation or energy to change. It makes me feel flat, down, unmotivated, fat, worth less than I can be, letting life just pass me by, I don't like what I see in the mirror, I feel old, slipping into old age at the age of 47. Creaks and sore bits starting to creep up on me. I was renting my Bridal Design Studio out and going back to Primary teaching as I had got divorced and needed a steadier income to look after myself and my two daughters. QT wanted to rent the Studio and talked about the Primal lifestyle and how it had changed his life after being injured as a professional footballer. He was fit, proportionately build, calm, positive, the epitome of health! My girls and I did a few weird, fun, hilarious training sessions with him and I was AMAZED at the difference his training sessions made to my running without running hundreds of miles in training. He talked about what injuries meant and I started wearing Vibram 5 Finger shoes instead of motion control trainers. The knee pain disappeared, my Achilles behaved, it was fun, a far more targeted use of time, I was laughing more, doing more fun things, letting go. I really changed my diet and experimented with new foods. Cauliflower rice on top of a shepherd’s pie was a culinary delight! I remember having a piece of white bread toast that one of my kids didn't want to eat - I spat out the first mouthful as it was like eating sugar spread with butter!! My mood swings disappeared, the fat loss became a bi product not a focus, I slept better, was motivated, connected more with my girls...it was just great! I fell away from the Primal Health way as I stopped going to QT's training sessions. I’m not sure why. The Primal Lifestyle really helped my daughter's stomach problems hugely and I'd like to get back into it to feel great. I needed a challenge in life, something to get my teeth into and to make a difference to others. I KNOW from personal experience Primal lifestyle can literally transform a life really for the better. I want to embed that positive, healthy feeling in my daily life so I can get the most enjoyment out of life, I want to help others get there and I want to give my girls and my foster kids a real good go at life! Everything just falls into place. Energy is hugely increased, moods are steadier, I love challenges, I take more risks and have more fun, I'm more relaxed and less stressed, I'm more in tune with what my body is asking for, how it's communicating with me, it’s a simpler life with a lot of the crap cut out. By taking better care of me, I've got much more to give to others. Now I want to expand that out to others. Too many people accept aches, pains and no energy as an inevitable part of getting older - this is not how it could (or SHOULD) be!! I’m really looking forward to ALL OF IT - especially, enlightening and guiding you onto the Primal lIfestyle! Fueling our bodies better, enjoying, savouring, really good foods. Moving more and getting outside. Less stress, better sleep, better relationships. Smiling more and really and truly ENJOYING life to the full!! To quote Mr. Sisson - I want to Live Long then Drop dead! Ready to be your best self?? JOIN NOW!
  13. Karen Kelly

    Web Designer Day

    Today is the ideal day to give our zero49 web designer a huge THANK YOU for our fabulous website. If you are looking for a great web designer who listens, fulfils (or exceeds!) the brief, who is easily contacted and friendly then we HIGHLY recommend Big Front Door Thank you Dave. 👍
  14. This is a day I LOVE!! Primal is about being the best version of yourself inside and out and it BLOWS OUT OF THE WATER, the myth, that you inevitably will decline into old age. Aches and pains are NOT to be expected!! REJECT that 100%!!! Mark Sissons coined the phrase "live long. Drop dead." Living your optimum, healthiest life, and you can lead a full, fully mobile, great life right up until the sands of your hourglass run out. If you'd like clear, friendly advice on how to live a more Primally aligned life, I would LOVE to hear from you. [email protected]
  15. Karen Kelly

    Wine Day

    Oh yes! Now this is the kind of day that I can really get on board with! Whether you're a fan of the fresh, crisp and cold white wine or a 'so heavy you have to chew it down' red today is the day to perhaps try something new. Really savour the wine. Spend a few moments swirling it around the glass taking in the colours, a few deep breaths smelling the aroma, really thinking about what tastes the smells are hinting of. Then take a sip...let it wash over your tongue, filling the inside of your mouth with flavours, each different taste sending a signal of recognition to your brain...blackberry? vanilla? oak? Mmmmmmm. Really pay attention to each sip rather than chugging it down. THAT is the way to really appreciate the loving end product of the wine producer AND to avoid over drinking. Enjoy every sip my friends.
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